The Hidden Paw

3) Card Trick - Choose a Number between 1 and 9

This trick can be done without cards. All you have to do is to get your victim Victoria, to choose two numbers, each one between 1 and 9. Doing it with cards is more fun but 10s and picture cards should be excluded.

1) Take a deck and ask Victoria to choose any card. Let her know that it cannot be a picture and it cannot be a 10. Victoria should not show it to you. The suit is not important. Say this card has a face value V.

2) Let Victoria double the value of V (now 2V)

3) She should then add 5 to the answer (now 2V+5).

4) Let Victoria multiply the answer by 5 (now 5 * (2V+5))

5) Let Victoria choose another card (also not a picture nor a 10) and add its value to the answer. Say this number is W (now W + 5 * (2V+5)).

6) Victoria can now give you the answer.

Marvel: subtract 25 from the answer and you get a 2 digit answer, say 67. You can then tell Victoria that her first card was a 6 (the tens digit) and her second card was a 7, the one’s digit.

(Exaplanation as to why it works: on Sunday 5 March 2017)

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