The Hidden Paw

The Hidden Paw's Third 50 Puzzles

TitleThe Hidden Paw's Third 50 Puzzles
AuthorAkram Najjar
PublishedDecember 2016
Size62 pages (16,700 words)

This third eBook also contains a collection of 50 puzzles or riddles with their solutions. These brain teasers require insight to solve but not brute force. Some of them rely on common sense. Others are AHA or GOTCHA puzzles that Martin Gardner loved. There are some that rely on lateral thinking while others require convoluted logic to solve. Of interest are some uncommon puzzles such as cross numbers and puzzles extracted from real life situations.

When selecting the puzzles, two attempts were made:

  • Not to include commonly available puzzles
  • Not to include puzzles that require general knowledge or expertise in specific domains (such as math or algebra).

The intended age bracket is from early teens onwards.

Where can you Purchase the eBook?

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Samples? Click Here to download a few puzzles from the book.
Doodling? Click Here to download a printable PDF file. It contains the layout for some puzzles that may require doodling or the folding of paper.

Try this puzzle from the book . . .

With the invasion of our desktops by PCs, we've lost that old familiar contraption: the calendar made out of two cubes with one digit on each face. Each day in the morning, you would pull out the cubes, rotate them as needed and replace them in their cradle to show a particular day of the month. Each face has a single digit (12 in all).

Together, the two cubes must be able t display the numbers 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06 . . . 27, 28, 29, 30, 31. What digits must go on each cube face?
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