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The Hidden Paw's Third 50 Puzzles

TitleThe Hidden Paw's First 20 Logical Card Tricks
AuthorAkram Najjar
PublishedDecember 2016
Size164 pages (50,000 words)

This card trick eBook is different from the other Puzzle eBooks on this site. It contains a collection of 20 logical card tricks. The 20 tricks have been collected over the years, and when known, their originator is cited.


Despite several revisions, it turns out Card Trick 19 (The 27 Card Trick) has many errors in it.

I have rewritten it from scratch. Click Here to download the rewritten trick.  

Why are they Called Logical Card Tricks?

Most books, YouTube clips or websites refer to card tricks as Magic Card Tricks. Some even use the term Mathmetical Card Tricks. Yet very often, magic and math include deception such as using stacked decks, marked cards, sleight of hand or pre-arranged communications with assistants. This eBook is supported by visual images of piles, decks or procedures. (Below is a sample you can download).

The Hidden Paw's card tricks are purely logical in that there is no deception of any kind. The tricks follow a procedure, usually carried out by Victor or Victoria, the Victims. The procedures seem random. But at heart, there is always an ingenious logical process that results in a marvelous result: cards are guessed, two randomly placed cards are matched or weird patterns arise. Very often extremely little communication is exchanged between you and your victims resulting in a marvelous effect at the end.

The intended age bracket is from early teens onwards.
Where can you Purchase the eBook?
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Click Here to download a good card trick from this eBook.

Table of Contents

Spelling a Card’s Value and its Suit
Count up to Ten on 3 Piles
Matching 5 to 5 Cards
Water and Wine
The Probability Sequence
A Card Trick 0with Pascal’s Triangle
5 Face up and 5 Face down Cards Match
Invoking the Power of 3
Locate a Card from 9 by Dealing the Deck into 4 Piles
Insert 3 Cards into 3 Piles and Find them by Dealing
The Bounty Hunter Finds the Killer
Reduce the Count of 3 Piles of Cards
Spell the 4 Aces and their Suites and Find them
Two Piles of 26 with the 7th as a Predictor
3 Piles with 14 Cards Each. Select 1 Card and a Finder
Three Piles that Count up to 10
Three Victims Three Secret Numbers
The 3 Selected Cards and their Complement
The 27 Card Trick
Red Card Magic

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