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This  site has 3 main functions: 

a) To introduce 4 puzzle books prepared by by Akram Najjar. There is no shopping cart on this site as all eBooks can be purchased from various online retailers. The page of each eBook contains a link to where the eBook can be purchased (Amazon, iBooks, KOBO, Barnes and Noble, etc.). Each page also contains a free sample puzzle and downloadable doodling pages for some of the puzzles.

b) To introduce interesting puzzle books and websites by other authors and puzzle enthusiasts.

c) To upload a new weekly puzzle (with a commenting facility). Click Here to go to the Weekly Puzzles list.

There are tons of puzzle or riddle books available. The more, the merrier. More so since "experts" are claiming that brain workouts are good for you. This site contains 4 such eBooks:

Three eBooks with a collection of 50 puzzles each
One eBook containing 20 logical card tricks: no magic, stacked decks or deception

1) The Nature of the Puzzles and Card Tricks

These brain teasers require insight to solve but not brute force. Some rely on common sense. Others are AHA or GOTCHA puzzles that Gardner loved. There are puzzles that rely on lateral thinking while some require intense logic. I attempted to move away from commonly available puzzles while including uncommon puzzles such as cross numbers and puzzles extracted from real life situations.

I have been solving and collecting puzzles since i was 15. My first introduction to "puzzledom" was when a teacher introduced me to Martin Gardner's Mathematical Games column in Scientific American. Gardner had the regular practice of devoting a single issue to 9 wonderful puzzles. Gardner's books now adorn my bookshelf.

Go to Hidden Paws First 50 Puzzles Go Hidden Paws Second 50 Puzzles

Hidden Paws Third 50 Puzzles Go to Hidden Paws First 20 Logical Card Tricks

2) The Mascot of the Website: The Hidden Paw

The mascot for the books is The Hidden Paw, T. S. Eliot's Macavity the Mystery Cat. Click Here to read the poem and you will see how the Hidden Paw is a puzzle on his own.

3) The Publisher

All books are published by: Gatekeeperpress, Columbus, Ohio, USA (Click Here)

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